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Turn your passion into action

We get it. You can’t commit right now...But you still want to help. You can.

There are lots of opportunities to help. Do a little or do a lot – its up to you.

We need help to do everything from setting up tables to cleaning up after events.
For example, selling just 10 tickets to an event will help raise hundreds of dollars for conservation. Come out and help with a raffle, greet attendees or promote and share the event on social media.

All of these actions add up to make a big difference to conservation.


Take Action for Conservation

Other opportunities to take action include participating in our peer to peer fundraisers, maintaining and caring for conservation projects, helping with our education programs and interpretive centres, and helping in our offices. These opportunities vary by province.



Every person who takes an action or gives their time to DUC is responsible for our success.

The DUC flock includes more than 5,600 Canadians who are putting their view and their passion into action. They run hundreds of fundraising events, pitch in at project sites, help with educational programs and even help out in our offices.

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The view from here

Everyone has a unique and inspiring view, and passion for why they are helping to conserve our water, wetlands and wildlife.

We would love to hear your story

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We would love to hear your story

Take action for conservation

Selling a few tickets didn’t take long and raised a lot of money for conservation.
© DUC Selling a few tickets didn’t take long and raised a lot of money for conservation.

Small things can make a big difference.

From organizing fundraising events to monitoring our projects, the DUC flock is critical to achieving our conservation mission.

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