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Auction your Collectibles for Conservation

A family heirloom. An unexpected discovery. A rare, sought-after treasure. Collectibles come from many places, but where they go next can make a real difference.

With Ducks Unlimited Canada’s partnership with Morphy Auctions, you can ensure a stronger future for conservation by sharing historic collectibles with those who will truly appreciate them.

DUC and Morphy Auctions have developed an ongoing program of support and fundraising. You can consign, donate or purchase valuable collectibles or antiques in support of DUC’s conservation mission.

Support conservation’s future with your pieces of history—and let Morphy Auctions take care of all the heavy lifting:

  • Donate a percentage of proceeds from your consignment to Morphy Auctions (firearm, militaria, sporting, hunting, or fishing collectibles, and any other valuable collectible antique). Donors will receive a tax receipt for the value of their donation.
  • Donate items to DUC as a current gift or part of an estate, with auction proceeds going to DUC. More options to leave your legacy through DUC’s planned giving program.
  • Buy DUC donated items at Morphy Auctions, denoted by the DUC logo in Morphy Auction’s print and online catalogs. All Canadian bidders on firearms auctions must have a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) for the class of firearm purchased (i.e. Restricted or Non-Restricted).

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Borderview International Firearm Logistics
Morphy Auctions’ partnership with Borderview International Firearm Logistics allows for seamless export/import services for Canadian buyers, taking care of all the necessary paperwork. This results in top returns in the sale of firearms for Canadian firearm owners, as well as the ability for Canadian buyers to purchase these firearms out of the USA.